What OUR Clients

Are Saying 

Angel lives in a small cabin on Georgetown Lake, Anaconda, MT and roams 8 acres in the summer. Her buddy is a Maine Koon cat, a 16 yr. old. During the winter she lives on a 20 acre ranch in Northern CA. We love her sooo much!!!

– Anaconda, MT

We love him very much. He’s very smart. This is our second husky. He was eighteen pounds at five months and is forty pounds of joy now.

– Ron

She’s been great! She’s such a character, everyone is totally enamored and my goodness she is soooo tiny, absolutely precious!

– Chelan, WA

♥  She fits in so perfectly with our family!


– Washington State

Thanks so much for the new addition to my family. We bonded the moment we met! He is perfect. Thank you SO much!

– Joshua Bennett, Palo Alto, CA

This little girl is absolutely adorable. She slept from 10:30-7:30 in our bedroom. I kept waking up lol. My female pomeranian wants to play, my male not so much yet. She has tons of energy. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Have a wonderful and blessed day and be safe.


-Kim McGraw, New Jersy

Thank you, my friend. You already gave me the best birthday, Christmas, Halloween, you name it… I am so grateful for your kindness & generosity… It started off a little bit of a struggle, but you helped greatly… Now that things are coming together, you are still thought of in every moment… Your friendship is #Priceless.

-Madonna Sanders, Memphis TN

This is Iris. She is happy and healthy! She loves other dogs and people!


Covington, KY

Duke is everything you would ever want in a dog. Besides being absolutely adorable, he is the most attentive, affectionate and trainable dog I have ever known. Duke is not only the best companion, he is a dependable service dog.

-Boston, Massachusetts

I’m so happy with Gatsby, formally known as Costner. He’s an energetic and free-spirited part of our family. He’s so sweet and cuddly, although when he gets warm the cuddly part is over and you have to let him go lay on his vent. Here’s him with me, his dad, and his brother

-Edelkamps of  Washington, DC

Maggie is the loudest, most human-like dog I’ve ever had. She’s the best snuggler, gives the sweetest kisses, and loves the water more than anything in the world. I’m so thankful I was introduced to Rhonda and from that, my best friend.

Greenbrier, Arkansas

This Breeder is awesome. They have stayed with us throughout the 1st year of Waylon, our Goldendoodle. Rhonda has fulfilled every request and statement made to us. If or when we would want another puppy this is where we would go and recommend them to anyone.

Waylons Family, LA

Updated photos of Tripp! He’s doing extremely well! He’s so smart and picks up on training so quickly ♥️ he’s got the best personality I just love him to pieces so does the whole family’ if you ever breed his parents in the future let me know! Thank you again for my little doodlebug!

He’s a big boy Tripper! Such a sweet boy though, great with kids .

Massachusetts Family

We have purchased two puppies from Rhonda and have been very pleased. Rhonda is a very knowledgeable/reputable breeder. She absolutely adores animals of all kinds and ensures they are healthy and well cared for.


-The Rexroad Family
Poplar Bluff, MO

First Light Farms is by far the quality that you are looking for when you are picking out a new best friend. Ms.Boyers is full of great information and has been doing this for many years and it shows!

-The Craft Family
Poplar Bluff, MO

We adopted Oreo (aka Pookie) in December 2020. Oreo is doing great.  As my kids would say, she is the most loved member of our family.  Very friendly, loves to play and loves other dogs.  Thank you again.  


Poplar Bluff, MO


All puppies begin potty training at two weeks old, learning how to use a doggie-door to go to the bathroom outside by the time they are 8 weeks old. From the time the puppies are only a few days old, they’ll receive daily socialization and hands on play. They will be introduced to environmental complexity such as smells, home sounds, objects and flooring textures.  We believe in letting nature takes its natural course, therefore the mom is allowed to wean her puppies herself which decreases stress but also teaches submissiveness and dominance- making training much easier.

All puppies are up to date on puppy vaccinations including a Parvo booster, they are dewormed bi-weekly and microchipped. We offer a one-year health guarantee against any congenital defects, a health certificate, and report for Veterinary Exam indicating good health.


Transportation anywhere in the USA or Canada is optional via air or ground. We’ve been transporting puppies for over 16 years which is very safe and fast.  We deliver the puppies generally at St. Louis Lambert Airport and they will fly out early morning, unless a later flight is requested. You will receive an airway bill number to track the flight. The puppy will arrive in the cargo facility of your airport and will be ready for pickup 45-60 minutes after arrival. The puppy is never touched by human hands and remains in a crate large enough for the puppy to turn around comfortably. The crate has bedding, food and water. No toys are allowed inside the crate. We highly recommend waiting until you get home to take your puppy out of the crate due to nervousness and risk of diseases (Parvo) on public flooring.  All paperwork will be taped to the top of the crate (Vet report, vaccination/deworming record, microchip information).